New dog quiz! What do YOU get?


Here is my dog quiz! You will be sorted: you could be a Spitz, and Toy Dog breed, a Scenthound or a Terrier! Reply with what you got, I Always get Spitz.
Just curious who got what.


I got a spitz!


It just said "What emoji describes you"


It sometimes says

Which emoji describes you

instead of a dog, so put that on the "This is what you can get" list. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a terrier!


I got scenthound!


I got a toy dog!

Great game!




I Got A Toy Dog! I'm Happy


I got spitz! What does it look like...


I got Spitz!


I got a Scent hound!


I got a toy dog. Great game by the way! I liked it on HS.


Dedicated to my Japanese spitz, Inu :wink:


Japanese spitz is my profile picture.


Try Version 2 which I just published. Version 2 has more questions. In the future I may add music, tap effects ect