New Discovery: Colored Characters!


So as you may know, my "Running Elf" project got featured. Someone with the name "Tillie0901" liked it. I clicked on the profile, and I saw a project that they published. The project had cupcake in it, and you could change the color of it. It's really cool! Check out my account to see more! It's really cool!


I knew this already about color changing characters


Wow, that's really cool! It only works on my iPod Touch, though, not my iPad Mini (it's older). :thinking:
EDIT: Ah, my iPad hasn't automatically updated Hopscotch to new the newest version. Now it's working great!


This is such a cool thing.

@Liza @Rodrigo, is this a new thing?


Can someone make a link? I want to see it!


Yeah, it's a feature they added so you can use set colour on characters!
You sort of tint the character in any colour you want!


Just use set colour on a character and try it for yourself.


Hs isnt working for me
So for me to see it someone has to make a link or a picture



It's really cool!
I tested it out with Bear.




Wow that is really cool!


I'm so glad they added this! It is so much easier to make geometry dash character makers now! (And lots of other stuff, too)


Cool! I have they new editor on my iPad Air 2, I will check it out there!


Yeah, it's cool!


But... It does not work in the browser, your bear doesn´t show up when I try the project (I am on my Windows 10 computer)


OH. Hopscotch works on the computer?!


You can play game in your browser and they will look and work exactly as in the app.


Oh yeah, I forgot

You can try to color characters by yourself, maybe?


Yes, I will do it when I get off the forum, in like 5 minutes.