New Discourse staff member?



They have leader.




How do you know he is from discourse?


Their user card says they’re a staff member :wink:


Then why is there a question mark if you know that he is a new dicourse staff member?


why’d you even bother making this topic


he did it for the youtube views lol


what are you even talking about

@ireesescup to find out who this guy is

are you guys in your meme phase or something y’all


its not a phase mom


y’all can you stop


i was making a topic to ask geez don’t be so mean


Okay, sorry. Just joking XD


That is probably just someone new from Discource, thank you for telling me, I would not have seen that otherwise (I think). There are other Leaders that are Discource staff members too.


I saw that in about 5 hours after he joined


They’re on discourse…