New daily topic (2)


So I decided to do top three people on hopscotch daily! I would like to say that @BellaWafflez17
@ButterBark and our finals to is...
@Dude73 nd there it is to get a change to win and get in top three then post your favorite animal in the whole world!


hai I liek wafflz!



Anyone don't be shy it's not weird what you are!




ok thanks for your typing so!


No problem! Add the OTML if you want so peepos will respond :^D


This is such a cool idea! :clap::smile:


Hello good morning you now have another change t,o get on top three so today's topic is your favorite animal so post


9th post


Your nor making any sense..


Sorry I fixed it so u would understand


Thank you so much! You just made my day! :DDDDDDDDDDD


Thank you!!!
I liek pink fluffy unicornz veree much!!!


Your welcome I'm just rewarding my fans!


I'm pretty sure he could understand it. @StRiKe_Panzer has been doing that to everyone and started being mean to anyone who told him not to spam.


ok thanks for letting me know!