New creators tab on Hopscotch

No I mean you don’t see the projects you see the creators. That way you can find some of the newest creators with published projects. There already is a tab for new projects called newest.

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Yes yes, I see. Because there was another idea stating this information, but they meant it as it would be like the masterpieces tab, but I see we’re you are going with this!:+1:


Does anyone have any other ideas to improve hopscotch? Such as with tabs, something that needs to be updated in a way, etc?

I think possibly there should be an art tab? some people are good artists, and they deserve recognition too

that would also make finding an artist for commission for projects easier

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That is an AMAZING idea, love it!:ok_hand:

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Thanks Carcar!

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I just thought of something, Hopscotch should have an @ feature, that way, when, for example, giving a drawing request to someone, you could @ them, and it will show up on your notifications!:ok_hand:

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Should Hopscotch have an @ feature?
  • Hopscotch should hav an @ feature
  • Maybe
  • No, its not necessary

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I think you should be able to turn on/off to get notifications with the @ feature cause if your a well know hopscotcher your notifications could get filled with people pinging you or. They can only ping you once every week for example.


For the actual, Hopefully coding app, not the forum I’m talking about the original app


Maybe I wasn’t too clear on that response, but I was meaning the original app.

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I think this is an interesting idea, but we do already have Rising, which is really similar. For rising, we try to primarily showcase projects created by newer hops. Sometimes experienced users will be on there, but we usually try to use it as a place to showcase projects by new hops and encourage them. It’s not necessarily possible to do something with a leaderboard or showing a project from every newest user. It’d get clogged up super fast and it could be hard to make sure people don’t spam this.
A strict algorithm could be written, yeah, but THT is super busy atm and idk if they’d even have the devs to create something like this. Ik they’re focused on other stuff rn and I think working on those features would be a much better use of their resources.

However, if you have any other ideas to get new users more attention, def tag me and I’d be happy to talk it over with you. I agree that the good ones need much more attention than they get, and I can see what we can do as curators to help them get it, beyond just curating their projects on rising