New 'company' for people



Hello! I am making a 'company' named Phoenix Games. We will make games together! I will randomly select people to be in the group, which I have already done.


Have you learned any new coding related skills over the past year ?
Have you used any animation or music programs?


Ok cool this is like the old three besties with few others who left


Wait, are you using the same hex colour as MBBC?


Will we be coding any time soon? ^^;


Idk, I don’t have the time to do it currently. I would have to stay up late doing stuff, which I cannot due to because of football and homework.


haven’t we already have a company at HS called that?


No, this is something that I created to be with my awesome friends.


@Phase_Admin Ok, AWESOME!!!


I am back!!!
I am sorry haven’t been here!