New colors! possible bugfixes?



hopscotch updated, with new colors.

but this is some random, pretty small update…
maybe they included some behind-the-scenes stuff? :open_mouth:


Ok i need to update thx for sharing abt this!


New colors are helpful for people- it’s skintones!


The follow button changedimage
It’s not as square


And the button when ur editing text

theyre going ios11 style whoa


What do you mean by this?


invthe editor when u make a new text object then press and hold on it


I never knew you could do that!
That’s cool!


oh haha

theyve had that but the the check button used to be corner-rectangley


lol, i just do it straight from the block editor…


tru so do i



Activity is working (for me)


Same it is up again, but not showing the most most recent stuff


There is also no longer an animation when going into a project


Really? NOOOOO! I’ll loved bear dancing. :scream_cat:


RIP IN PEACE, now bear is forever frozen on the loading screen, never walking again…
unless they add it back in


I still have a bear
But when you tap a project it suddenly goes to the bear


I still Have da bear cuz I don’t have new update


There is still the loading screen, but there isn’t any animation going into it. It just appears, without fading in (I believe this is how it used to be)


iirc it was a slide from the top idk