New collab put Hopsoctch email if Interested


Anyone want to do a collab? Put in the email that you use for Hopsoctch! I won't email you just share a Google doc with you. If you don't have one tell me at @Niftynia75 hope you can join!


What collab is it? (Taking empty space)


Is this ok? I think that your email is personal information...


some people said If they want too you have the choice to do it


Anyone wanna join???


You are allowed to share a non-personal email :wink:, just not your real email.



Hey guys! LOVE this idea but unfortunately any email is personal info because it's a way for someone to reach you outside of this forum :frowning: .

This is important because if someone could email you something inappropriate. When people post in the forum, everything they say is public and we remove content that is against our guidelines. We can't do this with email.

So, you can't share any kind of email here.

Does this make sense?

How do you make a hopscotch email?
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