New Collab Account! |NOT ACCEPTING UNTIL 4/21/17|


Ok. So I'm coming back on HS on Friday and I'm wondering if anyone would like to make a collab account with me, SneakyDragon!

So here's the form to join!


Why do you want to join:

Will you be nice:

Will you be helpful:

Will you remix any projects:

Hopscotch Username:

Topic Tag List:





I want to join cause I want to code with other peeps.

YESH why wouldn't I be? (Unless you make me mad I get impatient)


Am I suppose to?

The same as my forum one.


@DECODECO is spam liking me :slight_smile:


I don't want to join, I like working alone.


Yep, top like giver this week :slight_smile:


When do we start?


Friday. Because I won't have access to HS until then.




Cool, but I don't have time sorry ;-;


Is it like an art account, a coding one or both?




Okey thank you! :000


And the first think I'mma make is a art pad


It has been filled



I don't want you to remix no lol.
Because seriously I refuse to follow people who remix projects.


I partly remix projects like an art pad and such. I'm to lazy to make my own. But I know how to make them. :0

  1. Because I would love to be on a collab account to become friends with others on the account and make projects together.

  2. Yes I will be nice

  3. I will try my best to be helpful and not get into anyone's way.

  4. I will not ,unless, the project was already on the account or a project from my account.

  5. Yellowdragon​:yellow_heart::dragon: