New Collab Account! BarkingSwoopies! ( 9 spots left) you can suggest a new name!



Hello! It's Potterhead#1​:zap:️ here, and I have started a new Collab! As my last one didn't go so well and none joint, I made this.

Name- BarkingSwoopies

You can suggest names, of course. Because I didn't know any good name!


Will you be active-
Not bully-
Not tell the password to anyone-
Will you fight-

Thanks! I'll give you the password as you give me the form!

And when I give you the pass, pls dee it quickly, so I can delete!



Whole OMTL topic XD

I have seen people complain about The Mass Tag list currently in use, and we need new guidelines.

Please, copy directly off of this topic when using the Mass Tag list. It will annoy you, I know, but it will constantly change.

Here are the new guidelines for adding and using the mass tag list.

Add yourself only Do not add other people to the mass tag list. I'll see all of the edits, so I'll correct you if you added someone else's name, on accident or on purpose.

Don't use the tag list in all of your topics We shouldn't be using the mass tag list in every single topic we or another person creates. It is annoying to have to scroll through that, and it doesn't contribute to the discussion.

Always use the current version Again, people will leave or take their name off of the list. Please always use the current version so we don't have to deal with people getting angry.

Please don't tamper with this list It gets annoying when someone destroys something. So please don't tamper with the tag list.

If you have any other guidelines you would like to have, add them here :wink:

Edit your name to this tag list.




Username- Silverdolphin
Will you be active- YAH
Not bully- of corse I will not bully
Not tell the password to anyone- I definitely will not
Will you fight- non


Shall I tell you the pass?



Go ahead



okay - all done


Oh sorry I forgot!
(And I'm too lazy to delete)


You can log in now! Pls try!


Okay I will


, Hi


Sorry - can I have the password again ....


Okay I have logged on - it's nice so far !!!!!


Not everyone is in the OMTL that is supposed to be.


Yes can you use updated one? I took myself off of there a while ago.


I literally copied the whole topi just now.


ca u use the updated OMTL? I am screaming of annoyingness ;-;


I am screaming of annoyingness! I just said, in the above post, that I just copied the whole topic! And I am getting soo many comments, use the updated OMTL.


well, at least fix the omit! geez!


Username- MiiR lεgεηdッ
Will you be active- yes
Not bully-yes
Not tell the password to anyone- yes
Will you fight- no