New Coding Partner?



Of course I do! =D
I don't know, what do you think we should make? Should we make a collab account on HS? "Dudey and Da Waffl" should be the name!


I don't know what we should make, what do you like?
That name sounds awesome! How would we share the passcode, though? :P


Write it in a super old post, then tag me. When I see it, I'll like it and then you can delete the password.
How about a game where you have to catch waffles that are falling from the sky on a plate?
Should we make a forum account, too?


silently tags @Dude73


Oh. Ma. Gawsh. I just realized this topic was made on my birthday! xD


Sorry! I was writing a bit. :P


It's okay! :D
So, will we make a forum account? The only problem is that I would be able to see whatever email you used...not that I would do anything with it, I don't even have an email! :sweat_smile: If we made a forum account, you could use an email from ..?


I honestly don't think we need a forum account, as we both have accounts already. :smile:

Plus, I can't make a throwaway email, school stuff. XD


Okay! :D Can you make the HS account?


Sure! I have school today though, can't be on much. :P


Yeah, so do I. What time zone are you in? We can talk after school


I'm in central time, and I get home at 4:30. By the way, I made the account. I'll tag you on an old post with the pass later. :smile:


Okay! I'm on library computers right now, so that's why I'm on.


I'll just talk to you when I get back from school. Hopefully you'll be on =D


Hey! You on? :D


Sorry, you're 2 hours ahead of me! I saw the HS account, may I change the name to capitalize Waffl?


Yeah! Of course you can! :smile:
What should we do for our first project?


Announcement board!


Sure! I'll go log into the account quick. :smile:


The first announcement should maybe be about who is in the account, and that we'll be doing collabs? :smile: