New Coding Game/Collab! (Full right now)



I want the badge, so I am replying via email XD.
Edit: @Gobli09 you are next.


I'll remix the project...right now I can't




@HopscotchRemixer -- your turn!


Can I go last? I am very busy at the moment..,


Okay. I'll edit the top post. @PIANOMAN is next!


Ok! I'll work on it tomorrow!


Alright :grin:
I can't wait to see it!


I mean also working on more cubies :smiley:
Both projects should be done tomorrow


Okay, cool. I the cubies look really cool so far :slight_smile:


Well, @WynterDiamond...your turn!


Okay! I'll work on it now :slight_smile:


Good luck!
Make it awesome!


Thank you! I'm working on it now :wink:


@Intellection74, it's your turn! Here's the newest version -


@Intellection74, I am going to need to bump you to the back of the list if you don’t respond soon. Just a friendly reminder – no hard feelings!


Okay, I’ll try to finish soon! I just have a camp going on right now so I don’t have much time


Okay, that’s okay :wink:


Okay, sorry for the wait guys :grimacing:


  • changed all of the text to white
  • made the background set to a random color when the game started
  • made the bubbles invisibility range greater


@HopscotchRemixer, you are the last one!