New Coding Game/Collab! (Full right now)



Who is next then, @WynterDiamond


@Intellection74 is next!
(remix botanistgirl's project and add to it, then post the link here)


Thank you! (it's fine that you weren't on :wink:)


Yea I'll try to be more active :slight_smile:


Okay I'm done :smiley: I...

  • fixed the bug where when you pressed play everything would disappear. The tunnels where bumping the bird when it turned 90 degrees, so I changed "turn 90" to "set 90"
  • added directions to the home menu (and I added two flying birds bc why not XD)
  • changed the background to be outside (someone can add a loading screen if they want but it only takes about three seconds to load so I thought you could just read the directions in that time but 🤷🏼‍♀️)
  • changed :sparkle:️ to green ■

Sorry I kind of added a lot :grimacing:

@Xman0417 it's your turn


No kidding you added a lot XD!
Working on finding something.

Hmm.... clouds?
Idk lol
Hopefully something comes to me.


Alright! Here is mine!

Changelog: Added clouds. Cuz why not, and a Game Over Screen
Bug found: Tunnels do not fully disappear every time. It's inconsistent. Here is a screenshot

The first screenshot, the pillars stay at the edge. In the second screenshot, the pillars act like normal (as if they hadn't been disabled.)

Should I get @t1_hopscotch to create a group for this collab game, @WynterDiamond?


Sure! Thank you! :slight_smile:


Oh, and @t1_hopscotch, it's your turn!


I just need a tag name. I will request the group and have you as owner, so you can edit the name and description.


Okay :wink: How about @PassAlongCollabbers


Perfect! I will finish making it. (For now, that's also going to be the group name, until you change it.)


Okay. Thank you!


I am pretty sure it is only 1 b in collabers, but I'm not completely sure. Let me look it up.


Okay, look that up before the group is finalized :slight_smile:


yep. It is one B.


Okay, good that you checked :slight_smile:


Hi @t1_hopscotch, this is just to notify you that you will be pushed to the end of the list if you do not create your remix of the game. No hard feelings!


Yeah thanks for letting me know @WynterDiamond and that is very understandable — I'm super sorry about the delay. I think it would be better if I watch this rather than be a part of it, since I am busier now. So it looks like I will have to leave this, but I'm really excited to see what you all create :smile:


That's okay, no worries!
@GravityFaller, it's your turn now -- work off of Xman's project.