New Coding Game/Collab! (Full right now)



I might be busy for a few days…


Okay, this is the new list. @NindroidGames, it’s your turn.


@HopscotchRemixer’s thing, right?


Ok, I discovered a problem.

The FPS is extremely low.

I’m going to try to find out why and fix it, but it might be unfixable.


Okay – it’s okay if it doesn’t work out, but thank you for noticing and trying to fix it. And yes, it’s HopscotchRemixer’s.


I couldn’t fix it, but I did fix another bug and made a few objects that were making the editor claustrophobic into blank text objects that are named and set position and set text etc.
I also used the new update to clean up the project, so the editor shouldn’t be as laggy when it’s in draft form.


Okay, awesome! It’s @GravityFaller’s turn.


I cant do it. Ive left hopscotch.



Alright, no problem! It’s @PurpleArtist’s turn :slight_smile:


Wait… when?..


Alright. I’ll work on it right now


There wasn’t many things I could fix.


@PIANOMAN you are next!


Why am I here twice?


Whoopsies – you were supposed to only be in the 7 spot :slight_smile:


You’re next @PIANOMAN :smiley:


Like, right now!
Sorry I was ignoring tags XD


That’s fine XD
We all make mistakes and miss stuff!


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