New Coding Game/Collab! (Full right now)



May I join?


Sure! Again, you’ll be at the back XD


Um, where’s the collab now?


Whoops – I kinda forgot but…
@Gobli09 it’s your turn :slight_smile:


Whoops, sorry
I’ll do it today…


That’s okay :slight_smile:
I would have normally reminded you sooner, but I forgot.


I did my part…
I probably messed some things up but oh well…


@HopscotchRemixer, it’s your turn.


Ok, I will work on it today!


Sounds good :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay…


Just to remind you, it’s your turn. If you don’t get your submission in soon, I will have to bump you to the back of the list.


Sorry for the delay:

What I added:
I added a dragging function to the ingredients so you didn’t just tap them. Moved the credits.
Made instructions more clear.


Cool! @Xman0417, it’s your turn :slight_smile:
Remember to add your credits in the text at the bottom right corner, too.


Working on it!


Sounds good! Just post here when you’re finished :grin:


Reviving to the top topics. :)


Be sure to get this in soon, or I will have to bump you to the back. No hard feelings!

I’m thinking about making two groups so that two games can be made at once. What are your thoughts? @PassAlongCollabers

  • Single group
  • Multiple groups

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Also, thank you @Rawrbear for reviving :slight_smile:


Please bump me to the back. New neighbors just moved in and I have to meet them over the next few days


I think you should make the amount of people in the collab divided by two as the number of groups.