New Coding Game/Collab! (Full right now)




Oh, also, did you read through leaders’ rules and privileges in the fall/winter camp?


No, not yet, but can I do a favor for y’all, and be the the final person always? Not because I want the features on my account but just so your notifications tab doesn’t crash like mine did…


No, sorry. Other people need to be able to get a chance to be last as well.


@WynterDiamond I can go for you and you can take my spot if you want…


I just went… oh wait I forgot to post it here XD
And I think that @hyperactive_fox is last.


@Gobli09 it’s your turn –


Can I remix it? I would like to be apart of it!


You will remix at a last, because we are passing this along. The list is here –


Oh, oops, I just remixed it on hopscotch.
So sorry @WynterDiamond and


That’s okay. Just delete it. :wink:


Sounds good to me! Although it is cool!


Alright, I just did. Should I unlink it too?


Okay, sounds good. You’ll get to publish it at the end, though!


Yeah, but if there is major changes, I think I should unlink it


What do you mean?

I need to go eat dinner (pacific time). I’ll see you later!


Forget it. All is fine


Okay, good :wink:
(Sorry for the late reply)


Yeah, sorry, I’m last, but now second-to-last.


@HopscotchRemixer, I saw the Featured project that told people it was a collab, and my name is Pig_1 on Hopscotch. Sorry for the confusion.


Oh yeah hehe and mine is NeonPuppy413