New Coding Game/Collab! (Full right now)



Yes please XD
Bump me to the back I’m not good at cooking games


Okay :wink:
@BotanistGirl24 it’s your turn :slight_smile:


Hi Wyn! Could I join plz???


Sure! I’ll add you last to this round (we’re making a cooking game), but then I will randomize the next round.


Hi, Wyn! Could I join please?


Sure! Again, you’ll be at the end for this round, but I will either randomize or something for next round.
We’re making a cooking game!


Oh! Fun! I like doing coding games. I’m not the best, but I’ll definetely try.


That’s okay! You will learn from the others as we go along, too!


Tell me when i’m in. I have to go finish a procrastinated Eevee drawing.


Okay. I will tag you when we need you!

(@BotanistGirl24 it’s your turn!)


@PassAlongCollabers HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???

(Okay, this makes me think that the last person should add in a credits section that mentions everyone)
BUT WOW! Amazing. How did that happen?



great job everyone!!

Yeah we should probably do that next time


Yeah. Anyway – time to celebrate!
:smiley: :smiley:


Yeeeee!!! I can’t believe aaaaaaah


Oh, also, it’s your turn :wink:


Oh my gosh!!! So awesome!!,


I added the recipe thing and made it so you have to tap the ingredients in the right order!


Nice! I’m probably not going to do much. I won’t be much help. But I do this for fun and to get better.


Cool! I’m next, but I won’t be able to do my part for a little bit, I have to finish something else up and then I have a coding class!


Featured count goes up by one unofficially for everyone in the collab!