New Coding Game/Collab! (Full right now)



Hey hopscotch friends! I just had a great idea – it’s like exquisite corpse, except with Hopscotch. Basically, player 1 makes the start of a project, and then publishes it. Player two remixes the project, adding something to it, and so on. We do this until we have run out of people, or until everyone is satisfied.

To start, we will all agree on a theme or type of game. I will post a poll in the comments section once we get four or five people.
After we have all agreed (by majority vote), we then will choose one player to start. I will do this randomly, by assigning each player a number and asking Discobot to roll a die.
This player starts the game by coding one or two objects. Be sure to make the variables and custom rules clear enough for someone else to read! This code can be anything – a background, an animation, trail art, anything!
Then they publish the project. The next person, which will be determined simply by number order, will then remix the project and start making changes. You will only need to leave your unfinished remix of the project up until you see that the next person has published their remix. They can also post here that it is safe to remove the project.
Play continues like this, until we come to a conclusion. This will normally be reached when we run out of people. Then, we can publish the project!

No application forms to fill out here! Just tell me that you want to join and you will be put on the list. I will also give you a number, which will come in handy when determining who goes first.
Players -
@Gobli09 4
@WynterDiamond 3
@BotanistGirl24 2
@Intellection74 1
@Xman0417 6
@GravityFaller 7
@HopscotchRemixer 5
@glam_unicorn 9
@laser_eyed_puppy 10
@hyperactive_fox 11
@PurpleArtist 12
@NindroidGames 13

Rules -
Always make your variable and custom rule names easy to understand
Nothing inappropriate or mean
Have fun!

I would love it if you gave this new type of coding game a try!

The forum code group (looking for members)
The forum code group (looking for members)
Request a custom group in the forum [Closed]

I'd like to try this out! :smile:


Sounds good! (You're always the first response!) :yum:


I'd join... Can I go first? XD


Ooh this sounds fun! I'd like to join :smiley:


I'd love too! I need some coding practice anyways since I haven't been doing much lately:D


Sure you can join, who goes first is up to the roll of the die. I will add you in!


@Intellection74 @BotanistGirl24, I will add you guys right away!


Oh, and I just noticed your profile pic. It's so CUUUTE!


Thanks!! :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face: I like yours btw :slight_smile:


Thanks! (And I just realized that they are both pandas! :panda_face:


This sounds awesome! I would love to join in. It reminds me of tag games on another community I am on.




Yay! Oh gosh! Okay, I will add you. The game shall start now :wink:


Would you like to join?


I want to join! Can make a poll if you want too!


I will make the poll now! And ask DB to roll the die to see who goes first. Thanks for joining!


I believe you do it like this right?
@Discobot Roll D6


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot display help