New Coding Club!



Hi, it's @ConnellCoder and I'm starting a coding club! It'll take some time for me to decide how I accept people into the club, but for now, apply here! Access to the collab account will only be provided to people who make it into the club.


im applying ! @ConnellCoder


Your games are awesome! :D

You also inspired me to make a Swift website! :D

I would join, but I'm already behind on my projects. Sorry!


It's fine. I hope you get back up to date on your projects! :smile:


heres a like :heart:


My sister @LaneyCoder is joining! That leaves 9 spots left! There isn't going to be a coding competition to get in anymore!


8 spots left! Once 8 more people arrive and join, the club will be closed!


Hi guys, I'm @LaneyCoder and I just joined the forum!


I absolutely love your games, I'll apply I guess @ConnellCoder


Welcome to forum!!! @LaneyCoder, how can I make your day, if u need me just tag me, use the @ button and write my username @MYD


What is your name on Hopscotch? @Candycane


Which means... 7 spots left!

Thank you all for joining!


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes x 100000000000000000000000000000000, goes on forever, is there an infinity sign?


My hopscotch name is Candycane​:lollipop: @ConnellCoder


I see a few people who are liking but not posting... @Hermione and @tankt2016
:wink: :wink:


When did I like? Or was it the boy?


It was on the first post but I don't know who it was...


I'll do it! Just may be busy, I'm sure you've seen how busy Hopscotch March Madness is. Then there's the Hopscotch Summer Olympics, the Hopscotch World Series, the Hopscotch Winter Olympics, the Hopscotch Super Bowl, and more!


Wait... Hopscotch Olympics? Hopscotch World Series? Hopscotch Super Bowl? Awesome!!!
By the way it's okay if you're busy a lot, we just need participation sometimes. So 6 spots left now!


Okay. And all of those: I'm going to host them as the REAL event comes around. They're going to be like Hopscotch March Madness.