New clone thingy!


One day (that day was today) I was just bored on hopscotch so I put around random blocks, and this happened!

So, this is what I did to make it.

P.S. I tried to copy the code on Scratch, but failed. The product of my fails looked cool, though! It's not really on topic, but here are the links to my attempts.
Attempt 1
Attempt 2
Attempt 3


Inspteresting! I enjoy experimenting with blocks too. Sometimes for a purpose, like saving/loading games. (Which I can now do.)


You what? Does this really work? Would you mind elaborating on it more?


Woah that is cool! Amazing.


It should work. What do you want me to explain more? How it works?


I was talking to @Petrichor. Cool project by the way, @Gobli09.


Ooh, this is cool! That's a lot of clones. My device seriously lagged out. xD


You can use the same pattern but with different angles if you wanted to. So, not as many clones and another pattern.


Yeah! Did you put the "Create Clone" block in a repeat forever loop? That could be it. I can't check right now. ^^;


No, I didn't. Did you see that there are two "When object is cloned" on the first picture, the next one starts another "when object is cloned", the third one has another one, and the fourth one just continues it? Maybe you could try breaking it into more "When Object is Cloned" blocks.


Oops, I didn't notice the pictures when I posted. Sorry!


It should work. It’s the same idea that Zachyswag had.
Crap this is two months old.


Yeah, I figured that was the thing you were talking about.


Looking back at this
Literally anyone could have come up with this


That is so cool!


Thanks! But…

TBH it’s easier than you think…


I ha,te this