"New" Clone Bug!? ☹



There is a bug that makes projects with clones look horrible right after publishing... The projects work "perfectly" after I restart the app, but I want the people who play them without restarting to get the "full" expariance... This happened to my "3D X-wing!", "Egg Cracking Simulator!" and the latest, "Morphing Thingy!"

I don't have a screenshot of the last one not working...
@Liza @asha @Rodrigo


Yeah. Guess Its A Bug Their Working On. Keep On The Good Projects!


Nothing happened on my side...:neutral_face:🤔

I played the X wing project MULTIPLE times (cus I'm obsessed) and none of it happened... I guess it must be something on your side...

your iPad


The issue is right after publishing a project. This has been observable on my device (right after publishing) for over a month.

You may also notice severe lag immediately after publishing certain kinds of projects. The initial sense is, "Oh, no. There must be something wrong with my project. I don't want other people to see this. Maybe I should unpublish..." But, after restarting, the project loads and runs normally.

It's a genuine :bug:


So, you mean while being programmed (as in THT programming Hopscotch), the mean :bug: Was missed out right?

That means It could be fixed...

i guess

The lag part should be because there's too much code, or must be the number of entities, or the code is too advance...

i guess


Yes and no. Yes, a bug (at least a presumed bug) in the Hopscotch app. But no, not because of "too much code." It's Hopscotch failing to clean-up after itself, when something is published. If you exit Hopscotch or restart the iThingy and reload the project, the crazy behavior with clones and lag problem disappear.


So, thecnically saying in simple techy English... The iThing hasn't cleared the app history. (Does cache count?)


This happened to my friend sir sprinkles!


@MagmaPOP, I believe it is a bug in itself, but also a matter of the clones "cloning" at similar rates. I believe that this causes it to be jumbled. I had to restart Hopscotch twice to finally get it to work properly.


When I did cloning with my thing I that i coded for my principal it was fine (well I unpublished it cause it had real info)
And I think that was before the bug


But it looks like I have a bug on it


What generation iPad do you have? On my iPad 2, the egg is in perfect shape, but on my iPad air, it's screwed up.


It's also screwed up on my iPad Air. (It's not mine, it's the schools, but it's mine for 9 months)


That bug has happened to me, but not when I played your projects. I think THT will work on it soon!


It's fine on my IPad Air 2!


Same, on my iPad Air 2 it works fine, maybe it's the iPad, or it's just a glitch and it hasn't happened to us yet


Yeah maybe... .__.




@MagmaPOP I have had that bug two! It's really annoying !


I don't know if this is on topic or not but.... @MagmaPOP, YOUR MORPHING THINGYS ARE AMAZING!! IN FAXT, TOO GOOD!! I FEEL LIKE I'M IN A SECRET DEMENSION!! I suggest you should make more. Oh and the egg craking happened to me to at first:egg: