New charecter ideas


Ok lets brainstorm some ideas for new charecters

Who Wants More Characters?
Hopscotch Characters

A pirate
A Blob monster
An eagle
A wizard
An ant
A cheata


I was thinking...

Maybe a girl and a boy that you can change the colours of their clothes

Do u have more?


My favorites out of them are the dragon , the elephant and the girl and boy


Mabie a flame monster or a rabit


Yes a flame monster would be awesome! I would like a sun and moon, stars, airplane and a bed. That way we won't have to make one and could just get them from the character menu. Plus for the menu a search button so we can search for the characters and a draw function. We could draw characters and save it to our character menu.


I Dont realy want to draw my on charecters because the hopscotch charecters are much cooler and cuter


We could see others Hopscotchers drawings and use them, with permission of course.


Thats a great idea. We could like save them onto our charecter list


I hope @liza sees this


Yeah and in the next update we could get more characters. YAY!!


I herd im soo exited. Who knows mabie they will add all of those charecters


Wat charecters would you like to see
[poll type=multiple
- dragon
- People
- monsters
- wizard
- cat
- dog


Here are some quick sketches of characters that should be in hopscotch


Love these ideas, guys! Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling:


No problem @liza:grinning: this had to be longer


Nice ideas! And kind of like we have jungle characters, what if we had deasert characters!


Thanks @Liza ! I hope Hopscotch will put some of these characters in the game.


I made a cookie named Choco Chip


Hi. I found this thread from another, and an idea would be a wolf