New characters?



I think there should be some new characters. Like, a dragon? Or a lion or tiger? I dunno. I like the other characters, but I kind of feel like I am limited. Also, we maybe can be able to draw and "save" our own characters?


That sounds very awesome! You can also read the discussion about new characters when you search them; there is A LOT of new character topics. It would be very nice to add new characters. I was thinking like Flower, Owl, Panda and possibly a new human kid that would be very similar to Star Girl, Chilliana or Cosmic Cody. We should have like Chef Bear or Artist Mr. Mustache. You know like we should have those realistic human characters that aren't like real human drawings or anime because it wouldn't be very Hopscotch-like pictures.. Your idea is fantastic!


Here are some sketches of some characters from other hopscotchers:

I hope that we are able to draw are own characters sometime you can participate in that Conversation here



this was a great topik!