New Channel On Hopscotch? t1?


I did it and added a few more things (it's now called merging 1.4). @t1_hopscotch


Wow, thank you! I will check it out again once I get back to the iPad.


When are you going to go back to your iPad, it's been 20 minutes, @t1_hopscotch


I see you must be really eager! Sorry I can't always check things immediately :slight_smile:

And I think it is cool that you added the option to change skins and put arrows next to the buttons, along with extra instructions!

Can I share more ideas?

  • the main one is for the projects to encourage a variety of options for remixing :thinking: I do see there might be an option to do so with the skins though
  • I think I was confused by having the options for the game mode in a separate place from the text displaying the selected game mode. As an idea, you could align them, and similarly with the skins?

You don't have to implement these in your game if you don't want it to end up that way; I am just explaining some of the things we were thinking about with starter projects being open-ended and easy to follow & understand :blush:


@t1_hopscotch I made this:


I did them @t1_hopscotch

I hope you thinks this is starter project worthy 🤞


I just deleted the other merging 1.4 and put this there


Wow thank you @Petrichor and @Stal98 :open_mouth: (will check them back on the app)


Just curious, are you going to post that changing spiral draw I made?


Hi @t1_hopscotch, I noticed you haven't liked my project yet, which, because you have liked all the other projects I made (the mergings), makes me think you haven't looked at my new Merging 1.4, sorry I'm being so 🤡 about it, it's just this is probably my first chance ever to go get noticed, I just really want you to go and have a look!!

Link up there


I saw them now :slight_smile: And I see you must be really eager :upside_down:

I have to check with the Hopscotch Team with all of these, just to let you know everyone :blush:


YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYA!! Is there anything else you would like in the project??
Oh and by the way can you tag me when/if you do it


I just put out a thing for the starter tab, it's to help make music things.

I hope you like it!!


I've just thought that we can make "Nominations for Starter Projects" topic :laughing:


@t1_hopscotch, how do you think will my project "Make a Bold Text" be suitable for Starter Projects tab? :slight_smile:


Oooh the idea of a starter song is awesome! I played it in the browser and is it just the one sound at the moment? (I have an idea, do you think you can create a short tune? I think it is pretty open ended from there!)

You don't have to make it specifically into a starter project :smile: You are allowed to make it your own game and not have to worry about the criteria.

If you really want to make a starter project, I just have to explain that we had specific ideas in mind. We primarily want that they are actively made for remixing, and they're open-ended. To illustrate, this is part of what I was reflecting on:


I really think Merging is fun to play :smile: I enjoy playing it. I am just not sure if it would be suited as a starter project, unless you are really okay with making changes to it that might be different to the nature of the game. But I don't have any ideas for making it more open-ended :thinking:


I think that sounds pretty helpful :smiley: I have an idea from that now actually (free to use idea):

  • make a poster template using different styling for texts (3D effect, bold, different colouring etc) and encourage people to make their own poster
    • it could have text for a heading, some sub-headings, a paragraph, a place for graphics, a caption, anything :open_mouth:

You don't have to turn your project into that, that was just an idea that popped into my head right now. It is for anyone (and you can sure do that too if you like!)


Oh, I'll make a "make a poster" project now! :slight_smile:


Oooh really? Okay! :smile:


I'm stuck. Idk how to make it interesting to play... :thinking:
*but I anyways will try