New Channel On Hopscotch? t1?


@t1_hopscotch??? This new channel, is it everything you publish? Or what is the purpose of it?

Sorry, but I wanna see if you guys know what it is: @OMTL


I don't know. I would like to find it out.


I noticed that too! It seems like it might be a channel for project templates that you have to add a bit of code to to use (maybe to help new Hopscotchers learn to program certain stuff?), but I don't know for sure.

Sorry if this is a confusing explanation, I can try to make a better one if you'd like.


Yeah, perhaps its to help beginners who dont know where to start or give others ideas/inspiration


Woah! That's cool!


This is both a great idea and a great tab. And my project got there, somehow, which I am super happy for. I hope that t1 will put more templates in there, it is a really good idea!


If you look at t1's projects you would see one explaining that it's a channel for new Hopscotchers so they can learn simple coding skill. If you want to be on it, make a project with easy to understand code for new people. Here is t1's project:


Yeah I noticed this. I keep forgetting to tag t1 about it.


Looks like templates you can use for projects! Good idea @t1_hopscotch


Good question!

And yeah I was hoping to explain this, I had only gotten to making the project that @SummarianStudios had linked (thank you!)

This is an idea from the Hopscotch Team :smile:

And yep these are it!

If anything, we would absolutely gladly welcome more!! Basically, so far for starter projects, they need to

  • have code that is relatively easy to follow (you should be able to find what you're looking for)
  • be open-ended (different directions that you can take it in)
  • be fun to play

I posted some ideas in that project:

  • movie with a start, but add your own ending or add the next scene
  • design your own card, or t-shirt etc

(If you have more ideas we would love to hear.) I have seen others' ideas around Hopscotch too :smile:


I saw your starter project @Stal98, I think it is awesome and lovely of you! I need to keep track of these.


Wat do u mean??


Wait do u mean your gonna put it as a starter project @t1_hopscotch?!



I'm just wondering, but will recommended games be restored? (Those games that appeared on featured for new Hopscotchers)


I remember that :slight_smile: I see it inspired you a lot! :relaxed: I think it's unlikely that it will be back sadly at the moment, but thank you a lot for sharing.


I've thought of that sometimes. It's really sad that it's gone.
There was some really good projects.


Oh. That was the reason why I persevered in hopscotch. How about game changers?


Hmm aw I see you felt really motivated by it! :cry: I'm not sure how Game changers is at the moment but I think it'd be nice to update it too, now that you mention it as well :smiley:


I am definitely taking note of these, to clarify :smiley:

I just had a suggestion with your game — I didn't realise that I could click on the buttons in the Menu :open_mouth: An idea is to reposition them or recolour them so you can see that they're different. What do you think? :blush:


Ya okay, il do that.