New category update!


So, @Liza updated the forum! It now shows the category type next to the topic name, and also gave us a few more options!

Here talk about it, and give ideas!

My idea is to have an "other" category, for things that don't fit into "bugs", "collab", and don't help with code, like this one. :D


First reply!
What options?


I saw, Thanks @liza for updating :D
And second


I noticed this and was just about to make a topic lol
I think it's cool that we have more categories now (although I'll have to figure out how to navigate them XD)
And the "other" category would be a good idea! Just for random things that really don't have anything to do with helping with code
Also I got the first like :D yay


Oh, so thats why my computer was lagging like crazy xD


Are these made by regulars?

Becuase I only see help with code.


No, I'm a Regular and I can't see it


Oh okay!

I wonder how some people got it.:thinking:


Probably because of leaders


Hmm I don't know.

I think @tankt2016 did it.


And look!

When I go to that category I can't make a topic look!


How do I look at different categories thru mobile view?
@liza can you put the categories thing in the hamburger bar back?


OHH you need to go to mobile veiw.

By hitting the three lines then hit mobile view.


You mean desktop veiw?

It doesn't work on desktop mode.


Nope, you have to go to preferences, then go to title, and you should be able to get the regular!


No, I mean mobile view.


I am member and then the evil @system locked me.

But the nice @Kiwicute2016 un locked me.


Hey I see my topic!!!

Time for some self advertising XDXDXDXD




Yay! It works now! Probably was a glitch.


I had to wait a few minutes of trying to create a topic with one before I could lol