New categories topic discuss it here! 😀😀😀😀


yeah I was wondering about that I tagged Liza already see her response then i'll change it !!


They have? I didn't see it.


How come Help With Code is now called Deprecated (Help With Code)?


People should start using the new categories, and not Help With Code


The second time in my time here new categories are addd! Wow!


@Mr.rex I'm not sure. It says "anything and everything code related". If it's a code GT, then it should be okay. Otherwise, I don't know.


scroll down until you see the words "random"


I think the random category is hidden


I don't see random.


So when's the off-topic category coming out?


small evil laughter

I don't know what else to say then, maybe it's only accessible if you do a certain thing?


I think right now only moderators and leaders can see it.


Then how do I see it? I'm not a leader obviously


Random is opened now


So... it looks like all Help With Code topics are now stuck, you can't move them out or edit them.


@Mr.rex the random category is here


@Liza could you open the Help With Code category for a few days? We have a lot of good topics there that are now stuck.


M... What do you mean? :thinking:


I think she meant that she wants a #announcements category for regulars and below.

Sorry @Hermione if that's not what you meant.


Yeah that's what I meant but @rodrigo it doesn't matter because there is the random category now