New Bug (maybe!) 😱




And now...

This bug really deserves some swatting. :smile: Please fix this bug!


What's the problem with the code?


@Zane2 are you sure that is the middle? Try this instead of what you have.

The parentheses are values

Set position X: (IPad Width):heavy_division_sign:2 Y: (IPad Length):heavy_division_sign:2

If this does not work, we have found a glitch.


It's true! I really did use the correct values. (Believe me, I did.)


I'll try this... [insert thinking emoji here]


A detective never gives up! ;D

What is this? :frowning:


It's a drawing pad. Why?


Look at the palette of colors! There's... three dark-violets.


Did you follow my tutorial?


Yes, totally! Might be something wrong with the code!
(P.S, I did give credit to you, it just disappears in five seconds.)


That's why I told you to multiply it :wink:


On what? Give me the link please


Fixed it by adding multiple Check Once Else and Ifs. Hope I don't twist your brain. :wink:


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