New bolded tags?



Ok, so lately have been seeing black and bold text and weird looking. I NEED HELP! I need to know if this is a glitch or not.


I've noticed too! I guess it's an update from discourse


oh good im not the only one seeing this! and idk what it is


Ugggg! ME NO LIKEY!!!!


Yeah, I've noticed that the tags look different too..
^^they are all weird and bolded

I think it's just an update, though! :wink:


[Read post above]


I like turtles.


I think it's an update.
Ex. @codelife


[Read post above yours]


I like turtles. JOHN CENA!!!!


Everybody in my class says that...


We should stop tagging code life and leave her alone :wink:


TEEHEE! Ryan Higa joke thing.


You're a lamp?! :0


No I'm a cereal box from the 70's


likes your post


Ok, I'm fine, BOT

I actually think the new tags look nicer than the old ones


Correcto @OrangeScent1!!!! I use some español hay.(hay=there)


It's probably an update @Phase_Admin it looks strange


I know I saw this @sam did you change this?


hay=there cough cough


the first day I saw that I rubbed my eyes and said "is that a new type of tag?" then said "it is!"


i don't know what do you mean @Phase_Admin I don't uderstand you