New blocks? Any suggestions?


Hi guys! I'm just suggesting we suggest to hopscotch that they could add new or edit blocks. If you have a suggestion leave it down below!
Thanks! I'm interested to see what you guys come up with!
DONT be mean and say that people's ideas are rubbish. How would YOU like it?


Im not accepting entries anymore.
Please do not reply because I won't see them. Thanks!


im now accepting entries!


How about:
Increase invisibility by:


A tell block

Lord half mercy please :upside_down:

Broadcasting (Like on scratch)


Thanks for your time!
I like both your ideas and I'll think they would both work well!


My personal idea?
Here it comes!
Remove all clones!
Another one? Okay!
Apply to [Character name]
What it does:
Applies everything you put in it to another character!
I know you could just use abilities.
I know you can come up with waaaaaaayyyyy better ideas than mine!


This has always been something I wanted a block that has something like when ____ hits drawn line ____ because it would make making boundaries from drawn lines WAY easier


How about switch background?


A "Broadcast" block would be good. I do a bit of Scratch :slight_smile:



Well, Ive been on it a lot less ever since I started working on hopscotch projects.


I don't do scratch as much anymore. I'm trying to learn less basic programming like Python and JavaScript. I like Hopscotch because it's really fun.


Im planning to learn Python soon but im not expecting to not use scratch.... But I see what you are doing and I respect that.


A Undo/Clear Prevoious Trail block

A Bring Trail To Front block

A Bring Trail To Back block

A Only Apply to Clones block

A Don't Apply to Clones block


It's not like I'm quitting Hopscotch. I love Hopscotch!


Thats not what I meant xD


Bring trail to back/front is already there. If you want to bring a trail to front, you just create that text object after you've done the first one. Y'know what I mean?


Okay. I see how it is... JK


I meant like I front of an object, so you could have a trail I front of an emoji or something.


Ah, I see, I see... Good idea.... -creepy laugh-