New Block -- Super Clones

I am working on a project that requires that when a object is cloned, that it would become a separate object and that, say, when it was tapped, it would be invisible. But when I tap one, all of the clones disappear!!! So basically Hopscotch should have a new block called, “Create Super Clone”. A Super Clone is a clone that does exactly what I have said: makes a separate object so that when it is tapped, only it would go invisible, NOT all the other clones!!! If we had this I think it would be good to number the clones too so that you can assign code for each clone, so that one clone could do something and another clone could do something completely different!!! It would be really cool if we could make this a reality, because then think of all the new projects that would be created!!! We could have more Minecraft games, more endless sandbox games, just plain cool stuff!

This is my first post so I don’t know what you do to make this featured or popular, weather it’s a like, an upvote, or a comment, please do so to make this block a reality!!!


I think that this already is possible, but this is a good idea and it would be cool!

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They should be called “Super Stormtroopers” instead.


I think you can do this using

Check one if (Self) Clone Index =(number of clone created that the clone you wanna use is)

Set invisibility percent 0


Yes, like @Mr.rex said, you just need to use a Check Once If block to only run code on a certain clone.

In your example, you should just need to do this:

When Self is tapped:
Set Invisibility to 100 

Use when self is tapped.

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Smart but I think you could get around the problem

Super stormtroopers? No.

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