New block section idea: community variables

As many people know, in advanced mode you are given acess to user variables whitch allow you to save your progress. Community variables would be similar except the save for the whole community instead of one person. For example, if you look at my donation project:

There is a “Goal” section at the bottom left. The “Goal” was a part of my project that was not finished as I could not figure out code for it. I was supposed to be able to change the goal from time to time and have it change for everyone else. But I soon found out that it would not work with normal code. Community variables could fix this I could use something like this:

Community variables could also help with @Spy_Guy_96 Super Monkey Maker. This would allow for a button you press to send it and then they can be looked through and approved as a level by @Spy_Guy_96. There could be so many uses for community varables. They would be a great addition to Hopscotch.

Do you like it?

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