New Block Ideas


We need more blocks, any new ideas


There should be a when where you can have when multiple objects do something do this if you know what I mean?


This is a great topic! Unfortunately, I think there's one like it. What do you think?:wink:


I remember a topic like this vaguely from awhile ago...


Same here


I know the hopscotch team will be willing to take new ideas after the next update, as they are working on the iPhone version :wink:


I think he is from the hopscotch team! I think

Cloud values

Repet until

Set x

Set y

Glide to

Say "hello"

And or and not commands


Oh never mind he is not apart of hopscotch team!


How about a "z" position? That would make sincos easier.


Yeh that would be great @Creatorstyle


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Can you make a block called “Wait Until”. So that it waits until something happens and continues the code. And another block called “Repeat Until” which is basically the same thing, but keeps repeating until something happens