New Beta v.3.25.0: Character editor and Set Image block!


Probably to prevent people from remixing projects with the Set Image block. Or just to get more people to subscribe, lol

I updated the first post with more screenshots and updated pictures from the latest beta.


Cool! Sadly, I didn’t subscribe


So wait will the character editor only be for subscribers?




I wish it was just a little less expensive like if it were 5$ or 6$ a month I would totally keep using it for years!


Is there no white? Or is the eraser leave a white mark?


There are more colours if you scroll.


Oh ok…?I feel like you should be able to make at least one character project…


That was a bug, fixed now! Everyone can use set image.


Is this just in the beta version? I saw Funky63 using it on regular Hopscotch.


Oh, they did?
That’s too bad, I liked it when you could remix image projects.


That’s awesome! Thanks for fixing that.


Upgrade to subscriber to save your art?

So do you not need the subscription to make art? You just need it to save it?


Yeah, pretty much. I think it would be better if you couldn’t access it without the subscription at all, you could get really excited and all, and make something and then realise you need to pay to save it.


Oh. So you can’t actually use it in projects.


This sounds really cool, I can’t wait for it!! :DDD