New Beta v.3.25.0: Character editor and Set Image block!


Today a new Hopscotch beta was released:

There are two new icons for creating characters

The add code button is now really big

The new character editor. You can draw and add images

You can erase and draw on images. This will be useful for removing backgrounds.

Old screenshot:

There’s a new Set Image block! It can be used to change objects into any other object. (thanks for fixing that @awesomeonion)

There’s a new menu for remixing/saving projects

You can no longer remix projects with images if you’re a non-subscriber (Thanks @NindroidGames)

When you save a project with images

*New* New Block Ideas In Hopscotch

Wow this is really cool! I hope some of the subscription stuff gets moved to the base of Hopscotch but wow…


cthis is perfect i dont have the subscription but its ok because testflight broke

but this looks cool! :slight_smile:


I’m so happy. But also disappointed. Subscription, Beta, weak coder right here!!!


Wow, this looks really cool! :smile: Great addition, the Hopscotch Team!


This looks amazing and would definitely be a useful feature. Thank you so much THT for adding this!


This takes away the whole point. I like it when you don’t just draw, you have to use blocks.


they have to make money somehow.

if you draw ur own ur still being creative! i really like this

do u like it:

  • Yes
  • No

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Sorta… this moves us away from being creative, in my opinion. Of course, if you can’t code it, you can draw it now… but it’s so interesting to code! In Hopscotch, you can program anything you want. Trail, dynamic, pixel art - this is more creative than drawing characters, I think.
I don’t have anything against this idea, I still think it might be useful. This is just my opinion! :’)


Do you need the subscription for the character creator?


Yes, I’m pretty sure.


Oh darn :frowning:


Yup :D


Finally, the set image block! Can’t wait!


Proposing a new idea to THT:
So this new feature, it is awesome in my opinion. But some people, like DMF, would like to be more creative and just make their own without the character editor. So what if you could make pixel art in the character editor? Like a snap draw or something where it makes it easier to draw pixels. Or maybe some custom blocks already made that makes pixels or something. This would make it way easier to build pixel art!


That’s awesome! Now, when I deleted the app… NOO!


This will be really cool to see some artists on hopscotch post their comics and art pieces through this


@MR.GAM3R I haven’t tried the new beta yet. Can you still upload premade images, or only create images? Are there any drawing tools or is it just freehand?


It’s a basic drawing tool with three different widths. (Icons are on the left side on the screen). You can still add images, but you can also draw/erase on it and add multiple images in one character.



They removed the abili5 to remix projects with images Again.

That’s annoying.

Hopefully they’ll add it back.