New Beta Testing System Part 2



Hey Beta Team!

Just released a new version of the beta through TestFlight. You should have gotten an email that looks like this:

If you don't see this email in your inbox, sign up for TestFlight by filling out this form. We need the email associated with your iTunes account in order for it to work.

Thanks so much for your help!


@Liza did it come up with a new version now?


oh I just got it !

um I found a bag so I returned to home screen of hopscotch and tapped on forum then it saids the link doesn't work

my device is ios10 and it's a brand new iPhone7+ so there should be no prob with the iPhone it happened on my friends phone as well but it's a samsaung do u know this problem senpai.


Test flights not in my appstore​:joy::joy:


@Liza I submitted the form twice and still haven't got any emails :cry:


I haven't gotten the email yet. I made a new typeform entry just in case.


For some reason, I've tried the form, like, five times. Hasn't worked. :\

Just tried again... time to wait and see


Hi, I am posting a link to this post, because I have some questions about the beta, but I posted on your old topic.


what category is this


I think it is the Moderators/Leaders only Random category.


@Liza I have not got a email for the test. And I have done the typeform 3 times!
Just in case here is my username @SapphireCrafty


It is the same for me. I´ll try to do the typeform once again.


I will do it one again to.


Oh no! Can you email us at with whatever email you'd like us to sign up? Thanks!


Okay, I will dot it.


I have been trying to get the beta for a month now can someone please help me.



I have also been trying to get beta.


Seems like you're new! Welcome to the forum @rufusdesai! :D
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to be introduced here :slight_smile:


I have the old beta on my other iPad and it's broken so you can't use it (the beta).