New Beta Testing System Part 2



Hey Beta Testers!

We have a new beta release that we’re excited to share with you, but first want to tell you about our new beta testing system. I mentioned this in a thread yesterday but it was confusing so we're trying again :slight_smile:

We are now going to use Apple’s beta testing software, TestFlight, to send out betas. When we are ready to test, we will send you an email like this explaining what’s up and then you will also get an email from iTunes Connect telling you that you can download the beta. Sign up for TestFlight notifications and they’ll tell you when we have a new beta.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download TestFlight from the App Store
  2. When you open TestFlight, there should be an invitation from Hopscotch. If you didn’t get that, sign up here:
  3. This beta will update the Hopscotch you have instead of downloading a new app. When we release a new version, you can download this update and it will replace the beta app. This means that you won’t need a separate beta account.
  4. Things you publish from the beta will not be shared with the whole community.
  5. If you want to go back to regular Hopscotch, delete the app and reinstall Hopscotch from the App Store.
  6. To give us feedback on the beta, download Hopscotch in TestFlight (see image on left). Then, tap into Hopscotch and "Send Feedback" (see image on right).

If you have more questions about testing with Testflight, email us. If you did not get an email from iTunesConnect yesterday, please let us know and sign up here:

NOW!! The fun stuff!! Here’s what’s in the new update:

Today we’re releasing the beta of our new project player. This updates makes projects fully compatible between Hopscotch and the web! Send someone a link to your project, and they’ll play the same thing on the browser as you play in Hopscotch. Now everyone you know can play your games.

  • Test the beta by making new cool and complex projects. We’ve updated the hopscotch project player and we want you guys to help stress-test it.
  • Old projects will run on the old player, including your drafts. So the only way to test this is by making a brand new project.
  • Things to look out for: using text and emojis as characters and using bump and is touching rules.

Let us know if your new projects work as you’d expect them to. Does anything seem broken? Send us the link to any project that doesn’t work.

Thanks so much for your help!
The Hopscotch Team

New Hopscotch beta feature: Custom Rules

I sent my details! :smiley:


Cool! Ima check my email, I hope it can get me back on hopscotch!


I'll download Testflight later. I filled out the form yesterday but got no email yet

Was there a thing about having to pay to get the beta and free trials?


Awesome! So excited for this beta!


Cool! I'm excited!


If you filled out the form, you will get an email from iTunesConnect the next time we push a beta, which should be in a day or two :slight_smile:


Downloading TestFlight! :smiley:


Oh okay, thanks. Very exciting!


Hey! I saw that email! I was gonna make a topic on it, but hen I saw you already made one!

I have requested for hopscotch to be put inside of TestFlight before, and I'm happy you guys did! Now it's easier to beta test!


When does the email come through? It said sent successfully, but I haven't gotten an email. Im guessing the email has the code in it, right?


Umm..... this isn't part of the topic but how do I delete a topic?


I can't do this cause I'm on a school iPad but What's on this update? Could you give me a quick summary?


I don't think I can sign up.


Yaaa um I can download it...soo sorry it sounds amazing but if there was a way just to do it from the regular hs then i would


^? @Liza?
I have the same thing as above.



It says that I have to be 13 years old. I'm 10 :\

This limits the beta testing. Is there another way you could do it?


Sorry I replied to the first announcement of the new beta testing

@Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya Sorry for tagging you again, I just really need to know before I can sign up!


i did the typeform before getting TestFlight. Will it still work?


@Liza what's new on this hs and I have a question what ipad do you have to have to get the record button