New Beta Cloning bump problem



I'll post pics of the code tomorrow.

I have a hexagon i make invisible.
i set a value called NUMBER to 10
I repeat 10 times make a clone of hexagon
when clone made make clone wait 1 sec,set speed to 50, change x by 1024,
when clone made make clone,repeat forever,set text to NUMBER value.

(I place a star on right of hexagon.)

When star bumps anything,increase NUMBER value by -1

All clones are number 10 moving right.
When they bump into the star the NUMBER value should reduce by 1
as the star and the clone(10) are colliding(bumping into each other)

But the clones stay at 10 and move through the star.

@Ian @Liza @t1_hopscotch
Have i coded wrong or should the clone(10) lower in value each time it bumps into the star?


I just tried it and it does look like it's a bug. The "NUMBER" value should decrease each time a clone bumps into the star. Good catch :smiley: (Make sure you include this in your email so the Hopscotch Team can find your report more easily.)


Thanks, i will.
I won't be able to till tomorrow afternoon.
I thought maybe bumps only refers to an object moving but i've coded before for a static object bumping a moving one.


I can email them. It will be a while until we get a response though.