New beta and beta testing system


Signed up!


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Can you please explain the "2." Point in the top post?


Bullet #2 means that the production release of Hopscotch installed on your device will be replaced with the beta version. So you will only have the beta version.

And following from Liza's response to me (above), if you start a new draft and publish it, only other beta testers will be able to play it. You won't have any way to share new drafts with the rest of the community (as you'll only have one app - the beta version).

If a beta tester wants to publish a project that everyone can see, you'll have make the project from a draft that was existing before you upgraded to the beta app. I assume that if a beta tester makes a copy of an existing draft that the new copy will also be of the production version of the app. So I'd recommend that before you upgrade to the beta app, make a "blank" draft of the current version. That way if you want to make a project that all users can see, you can start from a copy of that draft.




I signed up! @liza Do I have to wait a long time for an email, or should I get it right away(if so, I didn't get the email)?? OR do I need to update the app manually??


That's all any American is doing today XD


Ah. Thanks for explaining @ThinBuffalo.

That's rather unnerving, having only one app...

I'll see, and do any necessary full-community coding on my phone I guess,


M8, it's not just you Americans :stuck_out_tongue:


tell me, is the rest of the world laughing at us now?


Nope, we're all waiting with baited breath to see the future of the world.



That would make sense

We're sorry world

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Do we really have to use an iTunes email? You've gotten emails from me, right?


Does the email that I have to type in be the same as my account? Because I have 1 email for HS and one for my iPad...


AWESOME!! Sorry I'm l8 ;-;

I signed up :D


@liza Wouldn't it be possible for us to be notified of new betas at a separate email from the one associated with our iTunes account?

I really need to know the answer to this as I can't sign up until I know for sure! Thanks :laughing:

New Beta Testing System Part 2

@Liza@Montoya @Rodrigo @Meg @Alish @Maimouna
I have four devices linked to the account I want to use (my dad´s account). Two of this devices are having Hopscotch installed, one with iOS 10.2 and one with iOS 7. The iOS 7-one (iPad Air) has the latest Hopscotch version that is compatible (before the new iPad editor came), and the iOS 10.2 one updates automatically so it has the latest version. I want the iOS 10.2 one to be updated with new beta versions, but not the iOS 7 one. Is this possible?

New Beta Testing System Part 2

Yes it's possible, because your devices will never auto-update with the beta version, and you can never put the beta on the one with iOS 7. To install the beta you use Testflight and you have to manually install each beta version. Hope that helps!


Okay, thank you so much! I´ll sign up for the beta.