New beta and beta testing system

Hey Beta Testers!

It’s a big day here at Hopscotch HQ—and not just because we’re all obsessively checking election results.

Today we’re releasing a beta on a new testing platform. If you did not get an email from iTunesConnect about the Hopscotch beta, you need sign up to become a beta tester. Fill out this form to sign up:

This beta is the unveiling of our new project player. It makes projects fully compatible between Hopscotch and the web! Send someone a link to your project, and they’ll play the same thing on the browser as you play in Hopscotch. Now everyone you know can play your games.

This beta also includes free trials. If you sign up for a monthly plan, you get a 7 day free trial. If you sign up for a yearly plan, you get a 30 day free trial. We’re so excited to give everyone the chance to experience the full power of Hopscotch.

A few things about this beta:

  1. If you did not get an email about it, you must sign up with the email adddress you use for your iTunes account. Fill out this form to sign up:
  2. We’re using a new beta testing platform - it will update the Hopscotch you have instead of downloading a new app. When we release a new version, you can download this update and it will replace the beta app.
  3. Test the beta by making new cool and complex projects. We’ve updated the hopscotch project player and we want you guys to help stress-test it.
  4. Old projects will run on the old player, including your drafts. So the only way to test this is by making a brand new project.
  5. Things to look out for: using text and emojis as characters and using bump and is touching rules.

Let us know if your new projects work as you’d expect them to. Does anything seem broken? Send us the link to any project that doesn’t work.

Thanks so much for your help!

The Hopscotch Team

PS: To get the beta, you must provide the email adddress you use for your iTunes account. Fill out this form to sign up:


Awesome! Can't wait to check this out!

first hehe


2nd reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg


I'm gonna fill out the form real quick

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I filled out the form! :smiley:

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rip my dads email
(my dads email is his itunes account email)

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I will check it out!



If I understood correctly, beta projects were previously on a different server. Since this beta updates the user's Hopscotch now instead of installing a new app, does this mean that there is only one consolidated server for beta and standard projects? Would that mean that new beta projects are backwards compatible with the standard Hopscotch app? Ie, beta testers can still publish projects that everyone can play?


Yes, but users who are not on the beta won’t see these projects until the update is released to everyone


Sorry for being off topic, but can you please open @XiaoMiaoMi's general topic? Thanks!

I filled out the forum!


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I got the email but I'm not allowed to install the app needed for it :disappointed:

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Signed up!


Heh heh. Sometimes you are fast @Liza :joy:
That was a quick like.

Can you please explain the "2." Point in the top post?

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Bullet #2 means that the production release of Hopscotch installed on your device will be replaced with the beta version. So you will only have the beta version.

And following from Liza's response to me (above), if you start a new draft and publish it, only other beta testers will be able to play it. You won't have any way to share new drafts with the rest of the community (as you'll only have one app - the beta version).

If a beta tester wants to publish a project that everyone can see, you'll have make the project from a draft that was existing before you upgraded to the beta app. I assume that if a beta tester makes a copy of an existing draft that the new copy will also be of the production version of the app. So I'd recommend that before you upgrade to the beta app, make a "blank" draft of the current version. That way if you want to make a project that all users can see, you can start from a copy of that draft.



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I signed up! @liza Do I have to wait a long time for an email, or should I get it right away(if so, I didn't get the email)?? OR do I need to update the app manually??

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That's all any American is doing today XD


Ah. Thanks for explaining @ThinBuffalo.

That's rather unnerving, having only one app...

I'll see, and do any necessary full-community coding on my phone I guess,

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M8, it's not just you Americans :stuck_out_tongue: