New Beta 10/18/17


Custom Rules would surrond the Game Starts and the conditionals right? Would they completely replace custom blocks?


No. Sometimes you want a set of blocks, but in different When rules.


Ok…can I see what he custom rules look like? Like where the layout of them are?



I hadn’t thought about the use of multiple custom rules. That’s a good point. Coding the Bold Text rule like this would then allow it to be used with Drag Me and still not continuously set position.

But perhaps it’s not worth the extra complexity as it wouldn’t make sense unless you understand the context of being used in conjunction with Drag Me.

I like the bounce rule because my kid’s response was, “That’s cool”.

However… the When self Bumps edge rule doesn’t work to keep the object on-screen.

My solution was to delete that rule and modify the When 7=7 that sets the horizontal velocity as follows:


Custom Rules Are Officially Released!


@awesomeonion @Liza opening links still doesn’t work in the new update.


Yay! Now I can use them!


I don’t like how it forces you to play landscape on landscape projects in the new beta. It also gets cut off on an iPhone 4s.


They are great. I would suggest one that draws a box.


I have no current suggestions, however, I just wanted to comment and just say that I actually really loved the new beta. It makes it so easy to construct a difficult game because you don’t have to be inefficent and create code for making a background, for example. You just have to add one of those other blocks (I forgot the name at the moment: I KNOW: I’m WEIRD) and it is so easy!


Maybe something so you save a project and then another project and put them together to make a kind of portfolio project XD