New Beta 10/18/17


This is going to sound mean, but I don’t this idea. Why? Because, a new hopscotcher would find this confusing. I mean, the idea itself is great. But, you should create training. Where, you get an interactive voice coach and earn points to unlock the lesson to be able to make custome rules. Because Custom rules could even be confusing, even to me. @liza


How’s it confusing? It’s just custom blocks for whens.


That would be even more confusing and what if you have more than one account? It’s not like youre forced to use them. They’re just as confusing as custom blocks , which most people pick up pretty fast…
Im guessing that they will add a video.


Uh oohhh I have an iPad Air… what’s the bug this time?


I can’t use when’s in old projects


I had a thought… could you make it so we can take code off one of our projects and put it into another… maybe if you create a custom block you would be able to use that block in another one of you project. @Liza


fixed in the latest version, sent it to apple for public beta approval


Ah, interesting. Will look into this!


@Liza in the new beta, now all projects have the Vertical velocity, Horizontal velocity and Bounce height variables. This will probably get annoying as you can’t delete variables, although you can rename them and use them for other purposes.

I like the new default custom rules and blocks. Go to finger is definitely more useful then the follow finger which used a repeat forever. I was unable to think of any ideas lol.


yay now i can test physics things on it


Ok. When you try and replace a custom rule, it doesn’t work.


And you can’t replace regular whens with a custom rule.


I was finally able to install the new beta over the weekend.

I really like the ability to make custom rules. This should prove educational to newer users and useful to the more experienced users as well.

I haven’t found any problems or concerns with how the custom rules work :slightly_smiling_face: However… to really make custom rules super useful, users need to be able to copy them between projects. And as @MR.GAM3R mentioned, it’d be nice if users could delete unused variables so they don’t clutter up projects.

I do have some feedback on the default custom rules that are included:

The “Bold Text” rule could be coded better. There’s no reason to have the Set Position inside the When self Clone Index > 1 rule. This is the same as When Object is Cloned except it runs continually which it doesn’t need to. The Set Position should just be in the When Object is Cloned rule since it just needs to run once.

The Drag Me rule might better show the capabilities of custom rules if it was more than one When with one block.

Perhaps instead of:

It could be a Drag Me that drags the object at the spot where it’s touched (instead of snapping the center of the object to the last touch spot):

And finally, the Background custom rule seems like an odd fit for a default rule. It’s a very specific pattern so I’m wondering if many Hops would use it. Since it’s a rule that would only be given to one object, I’d suggest the background be more generic or reusable.

Perhaps a simple gradient background so Hops could just change the colors to customize the default rule. To make it more interesting (and faster), the code could use a clone and draw from the middle out:


Thanks for the feedback @ThinBuffalo!

We should have added this earlier, but here are our goals for the default abilities:

  • it should be easy to understand if a new user opens one up. I think less code/simpler logic is better.
  • they should work well together. If you add 3 custom rules to your project they should all still basically work.

I like your idea for a gradient background but I worry that adding more clones would affect its interaction with other rules. Do you think it would be too slow without the clones?

The drag me one is cool, but I worry that it would be harder to understand for new users and they might be intimidated to change it. One thing that I’m not happy with on Hopscotch is the behavior of math equations. They quickly get too nested and feel intimidating and hard to use. So I prefer to use fewer of them when showing stuff to new Hopscotchers.

The reason to continually do the set position for the bold rule is that when you combine it with the drag rule or draw rule then the whole thing will follow around your finger.

Subscription Ideas--what do you think?

Would it help to make each math block a different colour, depending on its function? For example, addition blocks could be pink, subtraction could be yellow, multiplication is green, and so on. Currently they are all purple and get darker the lower “level” the block is, but after a certain level all the blocks are the same colour.

I was making a mockup but my mouse just died xD


For some reason I thought you could delete custom variables. My bad! I think that is something we can add. I’d prefer to ship default custom rules that don’t need variables but I think the bounce rule is really fun and shows off gravity pretty well.
Anyone want to weigh in on whether this is a good one to have?


How do i get the beta?


I know this is off topic @awesomeonion but is anyone going to get to make any new tag lists?


I see the variables becoming like length was, only for self.


Here are some ideas for simple default custom rules.