New Beta 10/18/17


I did not expect it to be like the custom blocks thingy…


I’m so excited! Agh I don’t know what to make rules for, @Petrichor stole all of mine :stuck_out_tongue:


What is th current version of Hopscotch? My school prevents me from manually updating my apps so I might have to wait if it turns out there is a newer version of Hopscotch.


It depends on how long it takes us to fix bugs :slight_smile:

We’re thinking of adding something that tells you if you try to play an empty custom block, which might delay by a few days.

Anyone find any bugs or things that are confusing?


Oh ok that sounds cool. BTW what is the current version of Hopscotch?Not the beta just the public version…


That will be sooooo helpful oh my gosh THANK YOU.


@Liza Opening projects in the app via a link doesn’t work in the new beta. The app opens but it doesn’t go to the project.


This is nice, but I’ve always used copying and pasting - to me it works better because you can easily edit it without a change in everything:)


If you want to keep them separate, then copy and paste is probably better, but if you want to have the same code across objects, it definitely helps a lot.


@Liza I emailed you with some custom rules.


I just installed this, I’m exited to see how it works!



I copied a project made before installing the beta, and after moving most of the rules into Custom Whens it doesn’t work at all…

None of the code inside Custom whens executes at all.

When I try moving the whens out of the Custom Whens, that rule works again.


Oh yes and there’s a new bug with trending I’ll send an email for details.


So, I tried to replicate the bug:

Custom whens can be used in old projects, but do not work.


#illuminaticonfirmed on iPad Air iOS 11.0.3 :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait so their abilities or are they not.


Kind of
You know the pink WHENs?
You can include those.
@Liza - confirming, is it ok to screenshot? (idk why not but just in case)


I have they beta I have been a beta tester 4ever


Oh okie
Yeah you can put when’s in the abilities


Ok, I figured out how to reproduce the bug I sent you in my email.

If you log out then log back in, you will have no default custom rules/blocks.