New Beta 10/18/17


Hey Hopscotchers,

We’re testing out a new feature and want to see if you guys find it helpful.

The latest beta contains Custom Rules. Custom Rules are like Custom Blocks: you can save a group of code and then use it on any object, as many times as you like. Like Custom Blocks, if you change the code in one place, it will change in every place you use that Rule. The difference is that Custom Rules contain WHENS as well as code blocks. (Therefore creating complete rules that can be reused!)

We would love to hear what you think about this new feature:

  • Is it helpful?
  • Does it work?
  • Can you find any examples where Custom Rules do not work as you’d expect?

Second, if you’re into this feature, we’d love your help creating our first set of default Custom Rules (blocks that will appear in every Hopscotch project), like the default Custom Abilities.

  • These Rules should not be too complicated, but should do something cool.
  • Think about when you were a new Hopscotcher: these are the first blocks you might explore using in a project. What would be exciting to you? What would be fairly easy to understand?
  • Send us the link to a project with cool Custom Rules, and there’s a chance we’ll use your Rule in the app :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your help! We’re excited to hear what you think and see what you create.

  • Liza, Sam, Rodrigo, and Jocelyn


I love “Custom Rules” idea, it will be very useful! Thanks for creating them. :D


This is an amazing idea, like I already said in another topic talking about this.


I love the idea! I can think of multiple places hit it would become helpful!


Amazing idea!! I’ve wanted this for so long!!! :D


Oh man this would be great for having a few objects that do the exact same thing. Like if you had a game where you needed to tap clones but you can’t tap them or all will go… sad… you could just make multiple objects and put the custom rule in them!



honestly, hs has come so since i started. now, i am coding and designing 3D prints that are so useful in my life. it makes me happy. without hopscotch, i never would be the slightest bit interested!


It does not work for me as it says it is unavailable


Who’s Jocelyn?
Is she a new intern @Liza??
And also I’m stoked about the new beta!!:blush:


I’m pretty sure she is one of the founders of Hopscotch.


eyyy that sounds good! I’ll make something maybe. Stay chill Liza!


i thought that jocelyn’s been there…?


I’m pretty sure she’s been apart of the hopscotch team for a long time, like @MR.GAM3R said she’s probably one of the founders.

The “custom rules” thing sounds like an amazing idea! I can name so many times where I would’ve needed it.


Are you guys ever going to work on Custom Blocks/Rules that you can use over multiple projects?


Custom rules sound cool!


Hopefully :slight_smile: This would be really cool.

Has anyone made any cool custom rules?



I emailed you with three.

Ine makes a pen, none makes bold text, and one makes clones fast.


Yes! Thanks for these :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I am currently testing Hopscotch :slightly_smiling_face::open_mouth::grinning::smiley:


Do you know when the new update will be released? How long does it take to normally beta test?