New Bakery Game!



Hi! I just finished a new game! It took me a long time to make and I’m pretty happy with it! :D
Here’s the link:

If you play it, please tell me what you think! Thanks! (^-^)

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I baked something and a customer came in wanting it and left angry even though I had it in stock. How do I give it to them?


WOW! This game is really fun! You did a great job making it!! :+1::+1::+1: SO ADDICTING!!! lol


Oh, and by the way, you bake stuff, and then when the customer comes in, make sure you have at least one of what they want. Then click on them.


great game ^^


Ah ok. That makes sense now! Thanks!
(Its a great game BTW)


Thank you so much @Artistic_cat, @Panthera and @Thunderguy77!! It means a lot to me :D


Your welcome, and you deserve that! Its a great game, something that could be featured! :wink::wink::wink:


Thank you again!! XD :D


That was an amazing game! I loved it! It was very goood!
Loved it


OMG! I loved this game so much!

It is SO addicting and very well done!



This game looks really cool, but the web player isn’t working right now



I like it.

I can see what you can improve but I’m too lazy to type it because it’s all tiny things I’m too lazy to explain


@DogWithAPen @Swati_Bang Thank you two so much!! :D


Thank you! ^-^

Aww but I wanna know what I can improve XD


Thanks, and that’s okay ;)


For you.


That game is really fun! It should get Featured, you totally deserve it!


Ahhhh thank you so much!! :D


I was recently able to play it, and it is awesome!

I have two recommendations:
Make it so you can buy something that decreases the amount of money you lose if a customer is mad
Maybe have customers who want to order multiple things!

But this game is really awesome! Nice job