New Badges On The Forum?


It seems like the Hopscotch Team added new badges to the forum.

Has anyone else noticed these? Does anyone know why they were added?

Your starting point and history on the forum!
What are these badges I earn in five seconds time?

WOAH I didn't notice this! Seems super cool! :0


Weird thing is that they don't take into account your likes before this day.


This also would make an... interesting social experiment when higher like counts got some reward.


I didn't notice these! Wow! So cool!


The badges look awesome :D

Can't like tho ;-;


That is weird. :confused:



Btw I gave you nice topic :D


Thanks! :grinning:

I think it's cool too! I wonder when someone'll actually earn one of these badges. (The new ones, not Nice Topic. :P)


Yup! I saw this on and saw that they were adding the badge!


Shocking.... But cool tho...


Probably going to get "Crazy In Love" soon, I'm out of likes again!


This just happened

Anyone else?


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I got them too!! Thanks!


I just got my badges too :slight_smile:


I got them at the same time.


Yay! I got them! ;D

I like these badges, thanks Hopscotch Team!


I just realized that I got all the new badges except the Admired badge :P


(Gets on the forum after piano lessons)

(Sees 9 notifications)

Oh, the new badges came :stuck_out_tongue: