New Badge on the Forum?


So I got a new badge. All fun and Smiles right? Um no. I got first mention on @FunSwag and he had already been tagged


They're new badges. It's the first time you've mentioned someone since they released these badges.


It's a new badge THT added. :D

There's also "First emoji" and "First Onebox".

Check the badges section :D


I know but he was already tagged c


The first time you've mentioned someone. Not how many times they've been tagged.


@CreativeCoder thanks that actually helps a lot
@SmilingSnowflakes thanks


No problem! =D
(I have maximum likes, so here :heart:️)


Yus! My name is in there! :joy:


A first emoji?:flushed:


@ me


What the heck does that even mean?:thinking:


I love photobomb ing!


strong text Hello can you hear me


Hello can you hear me


Post @PercyJackson9