New Badge and Summary Things!



So, I was looking at my badges, and I saw this,

also this is the summary,

Is this a new update @discourse did? Or am I seeing things? Please help me.


I believe it's because of the new update.


Yep, it's a new Discourse update! Badges, Users, and Preferences are updated. Please search before you post, there are lots of topics about this! :wink: There also might be some more information on Discourse Meta.


Also in each badge,


I fell so ignorant right now. (Please don't flag)


Since there are others can @Liza, @PopTart0219, @Kiwicute2016, @Anonymous close this?


Even when a topic is solved, it can stay open unless it violates the Community Guidelines! Others may have the same question as you! :D


Sure, but there are others like this.


SBYP, I made a topic on this​:wink: