New background ideas

Hello everyone this is for anyone how is in need of cool background honestly all you have to do is publish your ideas and the coding and everyone needs to give credit to the creator. I would also like the code to the to colored background believe me It would be usefull


Cool topic! What kind of colored background do you mean?


Okay! :grin: It would be useful, but are you giving patterned backgrounds too?


Well you know the one most people know how to do and is used quite alot. Its two colors mixed together. Do you know what I mean? Yes I will try and give some out


Try this code and see if it is the right one. The project won’t load on my iPad that has the new Hopscotch version so I am not sure that it will work, but it worked perfectly on my other iPad, it has an older HS version. Here is the code:

Here is the result:
Uploading screenshot from my other iPad soon.


I have a quicker version that’s just as smooth.


Thank you everyone you may find this used in a project some time through. :smile:


this is just what I wanted tysm
What is your hopscotch user I will give credit


No problem, I’m glad that I could help! This is a common code that many people use, so you don’t have to give credit, but if you want to, my username on HS is William04GamerA (the same as my forum name).


I have a very simple but effective background so I cant screen shot it now but I can tell you…
By the way should add your own things change the code and make it look better!

  • You will need three ( try more ) circles ( squares might work try it out!) evenly placed may be one on the the top right corner one at the middle of the bottom and one on the top left corner ( You are able to place them about how you want. )

  • Think of three colors which go well together or two. One color for the two top and another for the bottom.

  • Next of all do the coding you will have to go into each circle and the code is below
    when game starts
    -grow block-
    your color
    set invisibility 50%

This should look good I hope maybe screen shot the finished project. BTW I have not tried this yet but I hope it looks good! You dont need to credit me but if you do want to my hopscotch name is the same. @Artymaker2000

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