New animation studio called "FrameCast"!



hOI, HOOMANS! This topic is for those who would like to help with an animation studio called FrameCast! It's a really cool animation app that I would like to create! It will include:

  • An HSB color picker

  • Layers

  • Pre- made animation examples

  • Screen fill

  • Different textures and pens where you,can choose a different size for each pen

  • Create an account and follow the pre- made people (the creators)

So what do you guys think?? Tell me your thoughts below and tell me if you want to help me! If you do, tell me what you want to work on and I will assign people to a certain job! I hope you like this! if you wanna help, my pass for the collab account isFrameCast. Look at this ONLY IF YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH FRAMECAST. Thank you! And the username is Iredicent Coders.


I love framecast, I can't believe I'm not the only one whe uses it around here.


OMG REALLY?! I'm ButterBark on that, too, like my hopscotch


I will follow you if you tell me your username


framecast pops up
so does a false undertale with false asriel
too bad there's no official undertale IOS


Is this hopscotch related?


We are coding the studio


Okay, i was just checking.


I keep finding ppl who use the same app as meh.... Anyhow I am Moonshard AJ on frame cast.


Okay ISNBN uses it, so she might help...


Oh, and also.... We will be on MY account, so I will get started on it, starting with the HSB pad and figuring out the layers part.


Hello! Does anyone know how to remove the watermark on your animations when you save them to your camera roll? There's probably an obvious way that I'm missing, ( sorry!) but hopefully someone can help.


Just use a free video crop app :slight_smile:


Does anyone know what to do if FrameCast starts randomly shutting down then deleting random frames?


I often have the same issue, it’s annoying.


uhh hello I just wanted to say that I need help if you ARE in management of framecast . I tried to move my layer into another place but instead it started doing…this.


The animation only plays 2 seconds how do you slow it down?


Hi! I’m a part of FrameCast too! I have a question, has anyone ever deleted the app and redownload it to find that your animations are gone? I’m referring to the animations that are not posted on your account yet.


I just realized people literally come from FrameCast and ask questions here

Go ask questions on the app, this is a forum about another app and this guy wanted to recreate it

He’s not the creator